Friday Inspiration

I feel like every Friday arrives and I am saying the same thing; busy week, busy weekend etc etc.  And with no word of a lie, it has been. This week has included three birthdays, hospital visits (family member), work-work, chores and a crazy list of errands.
Starting tonight, the weekend is bringing a girls night, a birthday brunch & market scour, dinners and an early morning airport run to my pick up my partner in crime – a gorgeous girlfriend arriving from Singapore on Sunday.

So with all that said… what’s making me tick this Friday?

1. The lightness of this photo… Oh! and can’t forget the cute retro tee

2. Hermes ashtrays

3. The edgy but ever so beautiful street art by Hannah Adamaszek. To see more click here: visit
Hannah Chloe

4. Listening to the sounds of The Preatures – is this how you feel. Love their sound which takes me back to my childhood….  dancing in the living room to the music charts

5. Words of the week;

Enjoy your weekend Peeps! See you Monday xA
P.S A HUGE Happy Birthday to my beautiful bestie – love you to the moon and back xx

1. my taste in women 2. chanelbagsandcigarettedrags 4 Youtube 5. tahu

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