Cleansing Thy Brushes

When it comes to cleaning make up brushes, there is mixed advice on how, with what, and the frequency of washing.
The idea of washing my brushes weekly in soapy water and then drying overnight sounds so tiring, so I don’t. However the idea of using dirty brushes (with however many unknown germs breeding on them) scares me more.

So, what is it that I use? I use an anti-bacterial brush cleaner
How often do I use it?
– Concealer & Foundation Brushes – Weekly
– Eye makeup & Blush brushes – Fortnightly
– Eyeliner Brushes – With every use (which is not often considering I use a pencil the majority of time)
Note: If I find myself using a particular brush more often, I clean it more regularly.

How to use said anti-bacterial brush cleaner?
1. Pump the spray formula onto a tissue and/or directly onto the brush bristles.
2. Then lightly swipe your brush across a tissue until the majority of colour/product has been removed
3. Pump some more spray formula onto the bristles and gentle wipe away the rest of the colour and moisture using a tissue between your fingers, being careful not to squeeze too hard or rub against the bristle direction.
4. Air dry brushes. The great thing about most sprays is they’re quick drying and are gentle enough to be used on both natural and synthetic brushes.

Is anti-bacterial brush cleaner enough?
I’m not sure, but I’d rather be safe then sorry. That is why once a month I give my brushes a longer, full clean to remove all the built up product deep at the roots of the bristles. What do I use? warm water, clarifying shampoo, tea tree oil and vinegar.


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