Friday Inspiration

The impending weekend will be just as busy as the week past. There are the typical errands and chores to run, but on a positive we have some celebrating to do; the wedding of a good friend and six years of marriage with my man. So, what’s got me ticking this Friday?

1. Colourful Cuba! So very high on the travel list…

2. Love this… I have a scratchy map where the man and I track everywhere we’ve travelled together. This is just as cute (and an awesome gift idea); pinning places you’ve travelled.

3. Sweet things…laughs & squished noses

4.  The best thing about Love – You can’t help but love the one you love, even when you’d rather not … hehe

5. listening to Aloe Blacc – The Man 

6. Words of the Week…

Have a great weekend Peeps! I’ll see you Monday x A

1. Pinterest: Carla Van Galen & 2.arty show 3. Lalasparkle 4. glamor gorgeous 5. You Tube  6. PP Pinterest.

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