How to: Natural looking Brows

One of the funniest things I get complemented on is my eyebrows. The reason why it’s so funny? A. I do them myself  (and I’ve never thought myself much good at it)  B. I am too scared to have anyone else do them for me for fear of super thin, surprised or tadpole brows.
So how and what do I do?

My tips/Instructions are as follows;
1. Brush brows to ensure they’re all in the right direction
2. Using the below guide, a ruler and eyeliner pencil, dot where your eyebrows should end (1) start (2) and where the high point should sit (3).
3. I generally begin with where the brow should end, followed by where the brow should start. Lastly, the high point.
4. I use the thickness of my brow (excluding the few strays) to dictate the overall thickness of the brow. Using the ruler for a straight edge, pencil in a rough guide. Please do not opt for too thin a brow. Start with a thicker brow, as when you’re looking at your brows in isolation and up close, you can get a little tweezer happy.
5. Tweeze with the direction of the hair. If you have a lot of hair or are extra sensitive (hello few days before my monthly visitors), you can use a cold pack to slightly numb the area.
6. I don’t tweeze from the top (I think having a slightly unruly appearance looks more youthful) however you can and should trim if you have too many strays.
7. To keep brows in place, use a clear brow gel or spray some hairspray onto an old mascara wand and brush.

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4 thoughts on “How to: Natural looking Brows

  1. Tess says:

    This is so helpful! I’ve been trying to grow my eyebrows in. I feel like they’re uneven and thin 😦 I’ll have to use this next time!!

  2. upsidediy says:

    Fantastic tutorial! Kimmie❀

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