In Reverse

I’m not really one for ‘out-there’ nail art or polish for that matter, however in my hours of internet trawling, I’ve come across some more classic/polished alternatives to the usually loud nail art. My favourite is possibly the reverse french, which I attempted the other day.

1. Select your polish; I chose two of my favourites; OPI – Mimosa for Mr & Mrs for the base, and for the tips OPI – Lincoln Park After Dark
2. Prep your nails; this step is extremely important for a smooth and even finish.
3. Apply your base; my tips on application can be found here – Nailing it every time.
4. Apply the french tip; first apply from the top in dabs (vertical application), followed by a swipe across the nail (horizontal). Alternatively, use strips of tape or nail stickers as a guide.

5. Apply a top coat; once the tips are dry, apply a quality top coat to stop the french tips from chipping.
6. Nourish; with a Vitamin-E cream applied to the cuticle area.

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of loud nail art? Or do you prefer to keep it to the ‘safer’ options like myself?


2 thoughts on “In Reverse

  1. Your nails look absolutely gorgeous. I am a bit of a sucker for the Lincoln Park After Dark as well. But the Mimosa for Mr & Mrs looks lovely too! I may need to pick that up soon. Love it! xo

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