Friday Inspiration

This week has been exhausting. I’ve been busy re-establishing my Image Consulting business back in Sydney (I’d forgotten the amount of work it takes to get things off the ground), I’ve booked flights – woot, scheduled dates, attended appointments, ran errands and then of course did my daily do’s…
So, whats got me ticking this Friday? A little bit of a theme if you ask me;

1. This perfect swing chair in the middle of nowhere…

2. This chunky beanie, that some how works perfectly in summer…

3. The yummiest (heartiest) breakfast I’ve had in a while; baked eggs with feta and tomatoes and toasted sourdough bread…

4. Listening to the amazing Justin Vernon – March. So beautiful… 

5. Words of the week…

I’m planning a quieter weekend; date night, catch up with my sisters, watching the Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremony and snuggling with tea and a good book. However you’re spending yours – enjoy it! See you Monday peeps x A

1.Campbrandsgoods 2.Polished Presence Pinterest 3.Polished Presence 4. Youtube 5.Polished Presence Pinterest

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