Summer Temp – Autumn Leaves

Another scorching weekend in Sydney and unfortunately I had to spend it wearing jeans, long dresses and pants.
A long story short, I’ve been going through a few treatments of dry needling and cupping on my hips, buttocks and thigh area. They’ve been great in terms of helping relieve pain and improving mobility and flexibility, however the dry cupping which involves a plastic cup like mechanism suctioned to your leg and then rubbed up and down 60 times at 3 suction pressures (yes, it’s extremely painful) causes bruises and swelling. The bruising is bad! and black! so nothing short or above the knee for me until the bruising disappears.

Wearing: Ksubi Sunglasses,  Blue Life Tanks x 2 Layered, J Brand Jeans, Wittner Topper Shoes, See by Chloe Bag, Blue Stone Ring – Split Markets Croatia, Pandora Bubble Ring, Pinky Rings – Glebe Markets Sydney Australia, OPI – Red my fortune.

P.S Not sure of you noticed, but I also had my hair layered and a semi popped in….

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