Getting Creative

It’s no surprise to anyone that knows me well, that I’ve always had a thing for arts & crafts. I would spend endless hours drawing, cutting, pasting and painting from the moment I could pick up a pencil all the way through to high school and beyond. Most of the time, my artfulness came from not being able to find exactly what I was looking for…invitations, centre pieces and art to fill that big empty space on the wall. Other times it comes as a therapeutic release. Below is my latest therapeutic DIY project…

1. Create a unique grid/shape using painters removable tape…
2. When you are happy with the shapes you’ve created, fill in the gaps with your desired design using paint or a liquid pen. I used a fine liquid gold pen to draw directional lines. I find you have more control with a pen.

3. Once you’ve completed your design, slowly remove the painters tape.

4. To create some depth to the art, apply a foil glue on the desired areas…wait for the area to dry tacky and then apply the gold foil by rubbing the foil shiny side up. Slowly remove the foil and you are left with the below effect.

The final result is below. All I need now is a beautiful white mounted mat and dark frame…

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