Friday Inspiration

This week has ramped up rather quickly and my to-do list and calendar don’t seem to be getting any shorter or freer. My weekend will involve a fair bit of running around so I’m yearning for all things comfort related… below are the things making me tick this Friday;

1. Classic, comfortable staples. Love everything about this picture the clothing the colour combo, the fresh face…everything!
grey white

2. Craving comfort food. Wanting to try my hand at making a (healthier) baked French Toast – I’m thinking more egg whites and the obvious no frying…Baked French Toast

3. This casual outdoor scene which reminds me of fun yet relaxing times spent with friends in Singapore
outdoor table

4. Listening to Hardwell & Dyro Feat. Bright Lights Never Say Goodbye

5. Wise words of the week

What’s everyone else got planned? Extremely jealous of anyone planning to do nothing. Either way, enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you Monday x A

1.PolishedPresence Pinterest 2.FoodPinsNow 3.French Voguettes 4. YouTube 5. PolishedPresence Pinterest

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