Friday Inspiration

As chaotic, commercial and emotional the holidays can be, it is easy to become self-seeking, indulgent and inconsiderate. So I leave you with this… where ever with whomever, be kind, be gentle, be patient, be considerate for we do not see the battles and inner demons those around us are fighting, their own behaviours may in fact just be their battle scars.

For your own inner peace (sanity more like it hehe), remember to slow things down, pause occasionally, observe, be glad, be thankful …

Enough of my deep and meaningful – what is making me tick today?

1. Oh Happy Days! This picture…

2. This naughty but nice Fruit Salad & Limoncello Frozen Yogurt recipe by  Jamie Oliver is amazing

3. This editorial piece of art featuring Sasha Luss (LOVE this lady) for Vogue Russia by Patrick Demarchelier styled by Olga Dunina

4. Listening to a bit of Kylie ft. Mims ‘All I see is you’…one of my favourites 

5. Wise words of the week… be jolly!

If you are on the road this holiday period …stay safe! See you Monday x A

1.Theyallhateus 2. 3. designscene 4.You Tube 5. summer57 via imgfave

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2 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration

  1. Kat says:

    Thank you for the daily inspiration , whether it be my favorite ‘Friday Inspiration’, fashion, beauty, predictions I love it all!!! All the best for 2014 … I can’t wait for my daily dose from you!

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