Gifts for the unannounced…

Christmas time is meant to be spent with family and friends, however with my large extended family and travelling friends, I’m not exactly sure who we will see (with the obvious excluded) or who will unexpectedly drop by. These are some cute gifts I like to keep on hand just in case…

For her, the family and of course him…

  1. Cosmetic Bag
  2. Nail Polish in classic colours
  3. Scented Candles – my favourites to give are the Glasshouse range
  4. Hand creams Ecoya & The Aromatherapy Co
  5. Shortbread or gourmet biscuits  – Does anyone else get sick of getting 30 boxes of chocolates?
  6. Frames
  7. Wall calendar
  8. Cool Rocks – every guy hates his beer/whisky getting warm. This is a great way to keep alcohol cool without diluting it.
  9. Key-ring bottle opener
  10. Pens – SilverSilver & Black
  11. Keep a selection of mini bottles on hand, this way you can customise a mini gift pack… Johnnie Walker ScotchCoffee Patron Chivas Regal ScotchAbsolut VodkaGordon’s Dry Gin
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