Friday Inspiration

With twelve days to Christmas, my to-do list has become very full and timed almost to the day! Even being ultra organised doesn’t seem to ease the overstretched feeling you get this time of year – too many commitments, things to do, friends to see etc etc

I’m hoping to start wrapping Christmas presents, finalise our move (woot!) and other than a day wedding, keep the weekend generally low key.
So, what are the things making me tick today?

1. Loving these gorgeous sandals by Rabens Saloner
Rabens Saloner Sandals

2. Yasmin Sewell’s stunning look @ NYFW Sep’2013

3. This pop-art style digital drawing promoting the Chanel Makeup pop-up shop

4. Summery cocktails, like this blackberry & meyer lemon gin & tonic found here

5. Love love love the new Ed Sheeran’s song ‘I see fire’ 

6. Wise words of the week…

1. 2. Neiman Marcus 3. Neiman Marcus 4.spoonforkbacon 5.You Tube

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