Power lines

As much as I hoped for a restful weekend, it didn’t eventuate. I mean, there were no raging nights but instead a lot of running around, early mornings and late nights; think buying paint, bridal shower/kitchen tea, moving our belonging to our new place of residence, dinners etc.  I did however manage to finalise 96% of my Christmas shopping and catch up with some of my favourite people.

The below snaps were taken before heading to my favourite Japanese eatery on Saturday night. As the night got cooler, I added  a black fitted blazer.

Wearing: Mango Camisole, Zara Pants, Wittner Shoes (on sale now), bracelet from Split Markets Croatia, Ernest Borel Watch. 

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2 thoughts on “Power lines

  1. debster1978 says:

    Hi Anna, great looking outfit. I love the shoes eventhough I am a huge Tony Bianco fan, what is the style of shoe from Wittner?

    I love all your updates and inspirations. Just a suggestion…I think that sometimes a side on pic really helps with your outfits too, I am left wondering sometimes what the style looks like from that angle. Do you know what I mean? Especially when you are looking at the heel height to use for an outfit

    kind regards Deb

    • Hey Deb,
      I’m normally more a TB fan too, but Wittner have been hitting the ball out of the park lately. These lovelies are called Nori Magic and I had to have them as they reminded me of a pair of Louboutins I missed out on.

      Re: side photos… Most definitely. I didn’t even think about heel heights/side profiles even though it’s one of those things we always do in front of a mirror.
      Always appreciate your feedback xx A

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