Friday Inspiration

Lately I’ve been finding inspiration everywhere; when I walk the dog, do the groceries, talk with friends or escape in a good book or magazine. It got me thinking – What is inspiration?
I do these “things that make me tick” posts every Friday*, is it just that? things that make me feel something? that influence? that motivate? are they thought or idea provokers? or anything that mentally stimulates or challenges? 
Either way, I believe in its importance… It helps me stay young,  keeps my mind and heart open and keeps me present (living in the moment) in a society that far too often has us walking around with blinkers on.

So, what are some of the simpler & prettier things making me tick today?

1. Love this look & colour combination… 

2.  Done but undone hair …

3. These 3×1 Channel Seam Skinny leg jeans  and best of all, they’re on sale…

4. Listening to Avicci – Hey brother… It’s one of those songs you have to play very loud for full impact 

5. These Wise words of the week…

Have a wonderful weekend peeps! And remember keep those eyes, ears and hearts open to inspiration. See you Monday x A

*Note: Although my Friday inspiration are fashion/beauty focused – My day to day inspirations are not. So no, I’m not that shallow hehehe.

1.FrenchVoguettes 2.Piratehart 3.Shopbop 4.Youtube 5. Zag Poster via Pinterest


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