Friday Inspiration

Good Morning! and what a stunning morning it is in Sydney. Beautiful blue skies, crisp clean breeze! And what makes this morning even better? We had some good news ‘delivered’ yesterday (my sister in law had a cute baby girl, thus no post yesterday – sorry) and its Friday!!! You know the drill, things that are making me tick today…

1. Beautiful Australian Natives – forgot how beautiful they are

2. listening to Drake – love this song ;

3. Model Sasha Luss – her hair, her eyes her perfect skin! Image taken  by Max Vadukul for Vogue China 2013

Sasha Luss by max vadukul for Vogue China 2013

4. Sarah Beth Yoga – love these gentle hip opening exercises, great for runners (myself included) with tight hip flexors. 

5. Wise words of the week

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend peeps – See you Monday! x A

1. French Voguettes 2. You Tube 3. Musing in femininity 4. You Tube 5. inthewildfields

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