Friday Inspiration

Being my last weekend in Singapore, the emotions are flying high! Time with friends is on high priority, scratching off the last item on our Singapore bucket list  (The Singapore Formula One) and getting our fill of unique hawker foods is all on the books. So what’s making me tick today?

1. Taylor Tomasi Hill – seriously could you get any cooler?

2. Blue and Red – one of my fave colour combinations

Navy and Red

3. Listening to Right Now by Rihanna, who is playing live at the F1 on Sunday. Very excited…

4. Shoes!!! I want to try, buy, wear but living from suitcases doesn’t permit at the moment… These babies are the mille-feuille of shoes!


5. Wise words of the week

Have a fabulous weekend peeps! See you Monday x A

Images VIA: 1.Fashiongonerough 2.LACOOL&CHIC 3.YouTube 4. Huffpoststyle 5. Etsy – poppy&pinecone

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