One last time…

This weekend past will definitely be a weekend I’ll remember forever. An isolated beach on the Indonesian Island of Bintan, basic shacks with minimal amenities surrounded by amazing friends that have become as close to me as blood relations – a second family. It is hard to believe that people who have had no presence in my life a year or two ago, could now mean so much to me.

I suppose being isolated from loved ones leaves you open to connecting, if not pursuing friendships in a more open, honest way… the one thing I love about being an expat.

I know my time is coming to an end – 13 days in fact and I’m dreading the goodbyes, but what I do know is many of these friends will be forever… it may just be via facebook at first, but there are the weddings, birthdays and international trips and visits that I will look forward to – until we meet again.

The Shady Shacks – Bintan, Indonesia 
Me with a bestie 
Me & My Camilla & Marc Shorts
Drinks with the crew & massages – life doesn’t get better than this… 
Me & Another Bestie
The crew around the bonfire
A few of us that didn’t sleep – watching the sunrise with our bonfire
Amazing Sunrise
Last Kiss Goodbye – Wearing: D&G Sunnies, Forever 21 Singlet, Witchery Pants. 

Thanks to my artistic bud Brad for images 4 & 6 xx You’re a gem!

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2 thoughts on “One last time…

  1. Claire says:

    Love you lady. You’ll always be in our Singapore family, no matter where in the world we all are x

  2. debster1978 says:

    Hi Anna, I have uploaded a couple of photos of my cupboard. I hope it impresses you 🙂

    What does yours look like?

    By the way, loved your trip to Indonesia. One day I will travel all over too and not just Bali (which I have been to several times now). You are a Lucky Girl.


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