Shops & Spots – Seoul, Korea

Seoul is mecca for a shopaholic/hunter gatherer like myself. Below are a couple of my favourite shops, spots and purchases from my recent visit.

Myeongdong & Namdaemun District
Myeongdong is the fashion shopping district of Seoul. You’ll find everything from your international brands; Zara, H&M, Uniqlo American Apparel etc, to local department stores, independent boutiques and markets. Some of my favorites local standouts include:

Expo (#105 Sogong underground shopping center) high quality handmade leather goods in a rainbow colours! I purchased a bag, wallet, two coin purses and two wallets for the husband.

A.Land: four floors of clothing, footwear and accessories with even a used and vintage clothing section on the top floor. I spent over an hour in this place.

Codes Combine: Just across from this store offers more edgy and monotonal designs for ladies and lads.

Lotte Young Department Store: a cool selection of youth/hip/street brands. Both international & local brands. Below sunnies from Lotte Young…

Lotte Department Store: This HUGE department store has an array of international favourites: DVF, Theyskens Theory, Gucci etc to floors and floors of local Korean brands. Be sure to check out the food court in the basement – amazing!

To Cool For School – is a local makeup brand that is a true pioneer when it comes to quality & innovation. What do I mean? Their mascara for instance… the wand brush can be ‘wound up’ to separate the brush bristles for a longer effect or ‘wound back’ down for intense thickening boost. Like – wha? I purchased 3 immediately.
Other Korean Make up stores that you may want to pop into: Etude, The Face Shop, Olive Young, It’s Skin, Nature Republic, Skin Food, Innisfree and the list goes on! Koreans love their beauty products… and yes their quality is good, particularly creams and face masks.

Namdaemun Market; A short stroll from the centre of Myeongdong shopping, Namdaemun offers everything from interesting leather pieces to cheap knock offs. The street food in this area is awesome! Be sure to try the Hotteok (cross between a pancake & donut). They have a yummy gooey brown sugar center.

This is Korean Fashion Central! It’s offically the wholesale district for all Korean branded merchandise, however don’t be fooled, you won’t be able to purchase at these prices.

Doota: (24hours) is the place to visit …a huge multi level building filled with everything in every style. If you’re interested in the Night Market, they start around 9pm and finishing in the early morn.

Bukchon & Insa-dong Pottery, tea, paper, art, antiques…this is the place for Korean culture. Below from Insa-dong…

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3 thoughts on “Shops & Spots – Seoul, Korea

  1. Nooooooooo! Stoooooooooooop! I’m not allowed to buy anything when I come to Korea. Well, maybe one thing. Love the little incense pottery.

  2. Kat says:

    Love the bags from Expo! Would you mind sharing information about approximate prices for the bags and wallets? I can’t find any information about Expo’s pricing online. Thank you!

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