Friday Inspiration

This week has flown for me. The detox has kept me busy (drinking a juice every two hours is not as easy as it sounds) as well as all the preparations, sorting, packing and meetings with the removalists for the big move home in less than 5 weeks. So much to do and yes… it’s true what they say, you do accumulate so much ‘stuff’ living abroad .

So what are the things making me tick this Friday?

1. The stunning smokey emerald eye makeup from Jason Wu’s Fall 2012 runway

2. These simple white pumps from Zara

White Pumps

3. This stunning photo of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. In awe – definitely on my list of places to go.

Taj Mahal

4. Listening to a funky oldie; Ultra Nate – New Kind of Medicine

5. Wise words of the week

Have a wonderful weekend peeps! Relax, enjoy and see you Monday x A

Images: 1. 2. Zara 3. me&mybentley 4. Youtube 5. Theyhateusall

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