Friday Inspiration

So this week has been a challenging one for me. Other than feeling sh*t about my sore stomach, injured ankles/heels and my overall sloth factor, I started my mini detox/cleanse and encountered the dreaded detox symptoms; flu like symptoms, headaches, mood swings (day two was a horror show) – my poor husband. However now that I’m at day 4, life without coffee is looking a little better …BUT goodness! how i miss thee!

So what are the things keeping me ticking today?

1. The simplicity of this look – stunning!

2. Everything about this image, her outfit, the desk…I loooove the carpet

3. The Happyyolks blog and this Grilled Carrots over Lentils with Horseradish Yogurt Sauce recipe… YUM!

4. Listening to John Newman’s – Love me again 

5. Wise words of the week

Hope you have a fab weekend peeps! See you Monday (hopefully a lot perkier) x A

Images via: 1. kwestievanstijl 2.adapperdame 3. HappyYolks 4.Youtube 5. Lifequotesru

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