Biker Jackets

I pride myself on being a smart shopper, knowing when to splurge and when to save…. but nowadays the ‘save’ options are getting better and many of the splurge options (that I lust) tend to be BIG splurges. Ahhhh, what’s a girl to do?

Which is your fave? Is it a lux or less option? My favourite is the stunning Theyskens’ Theory Nomi Leather biker Jacket (top middle). Why oh why do you have such an OUCH price tag!

lux or less leather Jackets

Lux row: 1. Saint Laurent Leather Jacket 2. Theyskens’ Theory Nomi leather biker jacket 3. IRO Blanca two-tone leather jacket.

Less Row: 1. Mango Quilted Leather Jacket 2. Mango Biker Jacket 3. Zara Motorcycle Jacket

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