Chop Chop

The result of my visit to the hairdressers; approximately 2.5 inches cut off and a much darker shade… It is taking me a little getting use to, but I know it’s for the good of my hair! No more dry, sun bleached ends.

The below snaps were taken on Saturday night, heading out to a gluttonous cheese and wine night hosted by some great friends. I tactically wore a loose fitting shirt hehe.

Wearing: Forever 21 Top, Zara Pants (still available and on sale now) Tony Bianco Shoes, hoop earrings, bracelet from Croatia.

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5 thoughts on “Chop Chop

  1. Jacinta says:

    Hair looks fab and luv the pants

  2. debster1978 says:

    Hair looks nice, love the shoes. I have 12 pairs of this Ajana style from Tony Bianco, just love them. How do you find them? The height was a bit of getting used to but love them more each time I wear them. I am a TB size 6, what about you?

    I am a TB’holic…almost 80 pairs of heels and two pairs of Christian Louboutins (Decollette style – which run tight on my feet – TB Karr very similar style) – I’ll send you a photo of my cupboard at some point

    looking forward to reading more posts and updates of the latest styles…love your trend

    best wishes from OZ, Deb

    • 12 pairs of Ajana Shoes! Deb that is real love 🙂 I’m six foot tall, so my feet are on the large side (9.5 – 10 Aus). However, that doesn’t stop me for buying heels (well, I lie sometimes it does – esp in Singapore).

      I little embarrassed to say how many shoes I own (I have many more in storage back home) but what I will tell you, is that I have 86 pairs here with me in Singapore.
      I’m a huge fan of Louboutins (do yours hurt the balls of your feet more than the average shoe?) and would love to see pics of your cupboard/closet – I’m sure it’s drool worthy.
      x Anna

      • debster1978 says:

        Hi Anna, I have uploaded a couple of photos of my cupboard. I hope it impresses you 🙂

        What does yours look like?

        By the way, loved your trip to Indonesia. Lucky Girl.


  3. debster1978 says:

    Hi Anna, I can tell you that my Louboutins also hurt the balls of my feet. I think it’s because they are designed for medium to narrow width feet, and mine fall in the medium + range. But nonetheless I put up with it, they are super sexy and I always get lots of compliments. I find that the TB Karr is the same design as the CL Decollete but a tad wider and more forgiving on my feet.

    I will get a photo up to share with you soon. I just need to tidy my cupboard up a little first. I can tell you that my most recent purchase was the TB Trinity in Black Patent and Skin Patent. They are compfy.

    Thanks for the reply Anna, I love your blog, I dont know if I can be as detailed as you with my blogs as I am quite new to this bloggin, but an expert in Facebooking. Hope to hear from you soon


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