After Dark

Hoping everyone had an enjoyable weekend. Mine was relaxing for the most part. I spent some quality time with the man, enjoyed the company of friends over some amazing cheese and wine, had a much needed visit to the hairdressers, booked a holiday to South Korea for next week (taking advantage of a super long weekend in Singapore) and got cracking on a relocation to-do list.

Relocation?? Yes, you read right. The husband and I are preparing to head back home to Sydney, Australia in less than 2 months…

The news hasn’t quite sunk in yet, but as the time draws nearer I find myself just wanting to enjoy the company of the people who have become my family in this home away from home. I’m also trying to fit in all the things we planned to see and do in Singapore/Asia but never got around to, in the short few weeks ahead.  It has all become a juggling act, with our calendar slowly resembling a perfectly organised airport timetable… (Let’s hope there are no storms!)

The below photo was taken on Friday date night…

Wearing: Finders keepers top, Warehouse leather skirt, Aldo Shoes, Bracelet from Croatia, Hands: OPI Red my Fortune, Toes: OPI Lincoln Park after Dark.

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2 thoughts on “After Dark

  1. modee says:

    Great outfit. Love your style!

  2. Jacinta says:

    Hot – luv your style! (Only just figured out how to comment hehe – have been following your weekly posts – shall go bk and ad my thoughts hehe)

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