Travel – Carry On Bag

You may have already gathered from reading my blog, that I do quiet a lot of travel. Right now I’m at Singapore’s Changi Airport, bound for Hong Kong with one of my sisters (I have three) and my husband.
I’ve been asked many a times, if I have a formula/method to my packing and what do I take with me in my carry on? Well, here is a snap I took whilst packaging.
My must have carry on items include:  Larger Scarf, Camera, Wallet, Phone, Lip Balm, Spare SD card, Comb, Hair Tie & Pins, Chanel Blush, Passport, Mints, Diary, Notebook & Pen, Sun Glasses, Phone Charger, Roll on deodorant, Roll on Perfume, BB Cream, Eyeliner, Mascara, Nail File, Face Wipes. I also always take: either my Ipad or Laptop and a bottle of water.

I also found this packing list a while ago on Pinterest – I use it as a general guide.Pack ListWhen it comes to clothing, I do like to ensure I can make at least double the amount of outfits than the days I’m away e.g. I am in Hong Kong for 4 days but with the clothes I’ve taken, I can make 9 different outfits. It’s all about mix-ability and versatility.

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