Love Letter

Going through two and a half thousand photos taken in Japan, made me realise just how much I managed to cram into a week away.

The other thing it did, was reconfirm just how much I really love this country. You know that feeling …when your heart sets deeper into your chest that it almost feels as though you’ll self implode? You can’t wipe that silly smile off of your face and you get all excited and giddy when you discover something new? yup, I’m having a love affair with Japan! So what were some of my favourite things to see and do?

Yoyogi Park & Meiji Shrine – The largest park in Tokyo and home to the Meiji Shrine which was dedicated to the Meiji Emperor.
We were lucky enough to see a traditional Shinto-style wedding procession – where the bride has her ‘horns’ covered.

Sake Containers, Main Shrine, Votive Tablets Ema, are prays, gratitudes and wishes made (written) by visitors to the shrine, Ichi no Tori (Japanese Gate).
Note: This park on Sundays is a popular spot amongst the Lolita’s & Goths. Its also a great place to watch free concerts and street performers.

Imperial Palace Grounds – Stone walls, stunning gardens, bridges and gates this is an imperial paradise set in amidst one of the busiest cities in the world.

Tsukiji Fish Markets – This iconic fish market is officially shutting this year (2013).

Shopping: Harijuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ginza were my fave shopping zones…

Harijuku & Shibuya for the hip Japanese and Korean brands, Ginza for the big brands, Shinjuku is department store heaven! Isetan was where I did a fair bit of damage!

Gion Area – Kyoto’s best known Geisha quarters… but also the home to some stunning lane-ways and temples.

Philosophers walk (1.5km walk which we started from Ginkaku-ji Gardens)

Some final words to my lover [Japan] – I felt comfort in the cold nights and warmth from your people, spoilt by your holes-in-the-wall soba noodle treasures and fuelled by your neon-lit alleys, humbled by your history, inadequate in your quirky coolness and self conscious in your perfect imperfections, but strangely enough – I felt as though I belonged.

Japan I will be back some day – I promise x A

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