Friday Inspiration

I’m back in Singapore and have a big weekend planned…. so what’s making me tick today??

1. Calvin Harris! he’s been on high rotation at my place. Currently listening to I need your love Ft Ellie Goulding…

2. I have a huge crush on Emilie Fouilloux – she was a ballet dancer now a DJ, and frankly a stunning woman with insane personal style…watch her on Vogue TV Italy – here

3. Its my birthday on Saturday… and I must remember; age is just a number!

4. Normally my birthday is a day of guilty gluttonous pleasures – lots of eating and drinking and if I’m lucky (and in Sydney) I get my fave cake – my mums strawberry vanilla sponge…
Its so light, and fresh, and creamy and oh so goooooood! It looks very similar to the above cake – recipe here.

5. Loving all things mexican at the moment (could have something to do with my ‘Cinco De Mayo themed’ birthday dinner on Saturday night ), particularly these gorgeous bedspreads from Table Tonic.

If you haven’t come across Louis’s blog or online store (physical store in Palm Beach, Sydney) it worth checking out.

Any how…I’m off to ‘baby safe’ my home, we’ve got friends visiting from Oz with their gorgeous 1 year old man who apparently gets his little paws onto everything.

Have a wonderful weekend peeps! See you Monday x A

Images: 1. You Tube 2. Vogue Italy 3. They all Hate us 4. Two Tiny Kitchens 5. isn and chi

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