Odds & Ends

Something Japan and I have in common is our obsessive fixation with detail… the finishing touches…the polish. Most people don’t even notice ‘the detail’ or understand the effort that goes into that last 10% that makes something perfect. I for one… don’t really want people to know the effort level that goes into making something look polished (they’ll think I’m neurotic hehe), I like the polish to look effortless and elegant. This applies to everything from wrapping a present, entertaining, what I wear, the accessories I carry to even the stationary I use…(ok, so maybe I am a little neurotic hehe)

Below are a few odds & ends I picked up – its safe to say Japan fuelled my obsession:
Two of my favourite stationary stores: Marks’ style (small stationary boutique) in Omotesando, Tokyo and Ito-ya (Multi level stationary shop) in Ginza, Tokyo.

Drug Store finds: Ag+ Pads – The pads draw in sweat and the associated bacteria. Silver ions in the pad then kill those odour-producing bacteria… crazy cool, right? and cute sockets.

I purchased a lot of paper – amazing hand made Japanese paper and gift wrapping material.  My favourite store: Tsutsumu Factory in Shibuya

Fancy Japanese Bamboo skewers found at a small store near the Tsukiji fish markets in Tokyo.

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