A good day it is…. because I’m still in Japan and I think I’m in love! Correction, I know I’m in love – with everything Japanese; the people, the service, the food, the clothes, the landscape, the cleanliness … my list goes on and on.

The below pictures were taken in the beautiful city of Kyoto (560km South West of Tokyo – 2hrs 18min via Bullet Train). If I look tired in these photos, it’s because I am! Just too much to see and do! And sleep is last on the priority list at the moment.

All images (excluding last image – having just arrived in Kyoto) were taken along the Philosopher’s walk along the base of the Eastern Mountains.

Wearing: H&M striped Top Club Monaco Vest, Vince Jeans, Forever 21 Boots, Beanie unknown, Cape purchased in a Taiwan (Taipei) street market.

Kyoto Travel Tips:

  • If you are travelling from Tokyo to Kyoto take the Nozomi Super Express, which is the fastest Shinkansen (Bullet Train). When booking (at any JR ticket station) ask for seats C & D for the trip to Kyoto. This will give you great views (and photo ops) of Mt Fuji. Seats A & B for your return leg.
  • When you arrive in Kyoto, buy a One-Day bus pass for 500 Yen (approx $5). This will allow you to hop on and off the buses all day. They are easy to catch and the bus route map is very easy to follow.
  • Stay at a Ryoken (Traditional Japanese Inn) with its tatami mats, kimono’s, paper sliding screens, futon mattress’s and traditional Japanese meals served by a Okamisan (female host/manager).
  • The weather in April can be varied, so bring layers. As a general rule, its mostly freezing in the early morning and as soon as the sun starts to set.
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One thought on “Konnichiwa

  1. Wow – it looks really serene and beautiful, very jealous! x

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