Nailing it every time

When it comes to nail polish, I am a bit of a purist. I like my light nudes & pale pinks (including French), bright reds or vampy almost blacks. I’ve never been one for long and bright or embellished nails …yes, it’s all a matter of taste but when nails demand more attention than a pretty face or fab shoes, they [the nails] become another accessory rather than a subtle finishing touch.
I have a reasonable collection of nail polish, but I have a top five that I repeatedly buy and wear…

I’d say 70% of the time I will be wearing one of the above three colours. I wear them all year long and also tend to wear them in any combination on my hands & toes i.e. Mimosa for Mr & Mrs on hands and then Lincoln Park After Dark on Toes… or Vodka & Caviar on Hands and Lincoln Park After Dark on Toes etc etc

My Summer favourite is Red My Fortune and for Winter – Got blues for Red is my go-to.

HINT & TIPS for Perfect Paws:

  • Short (covering tips of your fingers) softened square nails look chic & polished.
  • Use both a base and top coat. However if you have to choose one, a base coat is a must.
  • Do not file the sides of your nails – this weakens them and can create hangnails.
  • All nails should be filed to one length.
  • Do your own nails (if you haven’t come across this handy diagram on Pinterest – have a quick read) following the below instructions.
  • Once nails are dry, apply a vitamin E oil around the cuticle base.
  • Use hand cream to stop nails from flaking and cuticles from cracking.
  • Remove nail polish with nonacetone remover.

Image source: Pinterest

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One thought on “Nailing it every time

  1. […] important for a smooth and even finish. 3. Apply your base; my tips on application can be found here – Nailing it every time. 4. Apply the french tip; first apply from the top in dabs (vertical application), followed by a […]

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