Dull Skin – How to Shine

Most of us suffer from dull skin once in a while. For many it’s a temporary thing, which we can ‘counter act’ to some degree. The most common causes (& remedies) of dull skin are:

  • Build up of dead skin – Exfoliate1-3 times a week,
  • Lack of moisture in skin – Keep your fluids up especially if you exercise regularly,
  • The elements (sun, wind and or pollutants in the air) – Wearing sunblock, moisturising and cleansing is key,
  • What we ingest – limit or stop caffeine and cigarette consumption,
  • What we don’t ingest – Not consuming enough essential fatty acids particularly Omega-3,
  • Not enough sleep – Sleep is when our body repairs itself, particularly through REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase,
  • Genetics, age & hormones – Can’t do too much about these…

So, what can we do in the interim? Below are a couple of my fave products, which I alternate using depending on how dull or dry my skin is:

I use these Body Shop Vitamin C Capsules (in conjunction with my moisturiser) after I exfoliate (twice weekly).

– I’m a big fan of the MAC BB cream which gives a soft all over glow and it’s also a great primer.
– The MAC cream colour base in ‘shell’ which I use on my cheekbones and sometimes under the brow (due for a new one shortly).
– MAC Pigment colour powder I use on the inner corners of my eyes, although I’ve been told this is great on your cheekbones and brow area too (a small amount of this goes a long way)
– lastly, my benefits high brow glow is self-explanatory.

– I LOVE The Too Faced brightening bronzer it provides the perfect amount of ‘glow’ for your cheeks.
– Guerlain Meteorites lumiere palette – I like using this pallete in the colder months…obviously it doesn’t get too much use here in Singapore.
– Dallas by benefits provides the perfect all over glow because of its richer colour.

Let me know if you have any favourites… or ‘glowing’ beauty secrets xA

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