Living Life…

At the beginning of 2013, I promised myself to live by the mantra of ‘go with the flow’. For me, this meant becoming the ‘old Anna’ who didn’t take herself too seriously, tried to really live-in-each-moment and lastly said ‘yes’ to almost everything… even the things that petrified her.

It seems a little childish, and yes I can see how many could get carried away – I mean, it’s important to know what’s important in life and keep these as priorities. But, far too often we forget ourselves and the personal growth we need…

I find women in particular feel guilty for investing in themselves, whether it is time, money or something else all together. We put our partners, children, careers etc ahead of ourselves in the hopes of doing and having it all, but really what we’re actually doing is giving something up – for me, that was giving up much of who I was and am (by accident of course).

So what’s the point of my crazy little spout? I’ve come to the realisation when you stop letting guilt get the better of you and allow yourself to be free from the mental ‘oh I better not’ syndrome, you and ultimately those around you will benefit from a richer more meaningful existence…

I can’t say my life is perfect, but what I can say is I’m definitely loving and living life to the fullest at the moment …

The below pictures were taken after being awake for 32hours straight. My Mexican themed dinner party on Friday night was a hit, with a few of us staying up to watch the sunrise from my balcony on Saturday morning – eek! That evening, the husband and I decided to head out for a dinner date (for those who live in Singapore – The Disgruntled Chef in Dempsey is really yummy!) and catch-up on some ‘us’ time even if we were exhausted.

Wearing: alldressedup Top (Singaporean Label), Vince Jeans, Witchery Shoes, Earrings forgotten.

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