Friday Night Out

Most my outfits tend to be on the simpler side. I like when the shape and cut of the clothes speak for themselves. Adding a few coloured accessories add interest and complete the look.

Friday night I used exactly this ‘formula’ – simple top and harem pant combination with a pop of red in the jewellery and shoes. Also don’t be afraid to layer jewellery, I’m wearing two necklaces, for more impact.

Wearing: Forever 21 Necklace layered on Lovisa Necklace, New Look Top, Zara Pants,Tony Bianco Shoes.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Night Out

  1. graciegyeo says:

    Hello anna babe, great day to you!! I just read your post and see that you have Tony Bianco heels, pretty heels btw!! Well, Could you be so kind to share what size do you usually wear and also the size you wear for TB heels? I am keen to purchase an Adele heels and getting my friend in Aussie to help me bring back to Singapore. The size guide on TB website doesn’t help 😦 hope that you can help me thanks!! (:

    • Hi Gracie,
      Sure thing, I’m a size 41 and purchase size 10 Tony Bianco Shoes. The only thing I would mention is that some of the Tony Bianco Shoes (mostly the pointed pumps) run slightly narrow. I’ve got a very narrow foot so can’t really comment except that I know a few people (with a slightly wider foot) that shop half a size up when purchasing pumps.

      One trick that might help is: measure a string the length of your foot as well as the width of your widest point. Mark on the long length with a bright marker exactly where your widest part is. Then give this to your friend to go shopping with remembering to tell them to measure from the inside of the shoe only. Hope this helps!
      x A

      • graciegyeo says:

        you are being an angel to give me a tip! unfortunately, my guy friend is already in aussie and he is getting it for me via phone. I have approached the customer service with my measurements for help and here’s their response: We have measured this style for you and it is approximately 23cm in length and 8.5cm at the widest point in width! We would recommend purchasing either a 6 or a 6.5. Now I am undecided and google gives such messy info with all the conversion charts! Fingers crossed because exchange is near impossible once it’s back in Singapore! 😦

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