Affordable [Shoe] Temptations

Those who know me personally know I have a thing for shoes. I mean a serious thing for shoes! I have well over 100 pairs here in Singapore and a large number (including all my winter shoes) in storage back in Australia.

As a ‘New Years resolution’ I put a restriction on how many shoes I can purchase myself – 6 pairs. My reasoning, I have only two feet (so the husband keeps reminding me) and I’ve also run out of places to store them.

So, with all the amazing new stock hitting stores I’m finding it particularly difficult to curb my spending, as there are just too many affordable temptations out there! I’m staying strong…. for now, but below are just a few that have caught my eye:

Starting Top Left: ASOS Tempt Peep-Toe Sandal Boots, ASOS Hallow Suede Heel, Zara Multi Tone Lace-up Sandal, Tony Bianco Twain in Silver Shine, ASOS Prone pointed heel, Zara Multi Strap Heel, Zara Studded Sandals , River Island Woven Slipper

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