A little Inspiration

Chinese New Year Day is this Sunday (10th February) and most of Singapore will be doing one of two things…

1. Celebrating with friends & family – On that note: Wishing all my readers of Chinese heritage a wonderful day and an auspicious year of the snake

Above Image was taken in Hong Kong last weekend – The beautiful lanterns of Man Mo Temple Hong Kong Island.

2. Escaping!! – Everything shuts down in Singapore for Chinese New Year so its the perfect time for a quick escape. We are off to Langkawi Island, Malaysia.

I’m busy packing all my beach resort essentials….I can’t wait to relax pool/beach side, read a book and soak up the suns rays.

Listening to an Avicii mix… one of my all time faves: Fade into Darkness

And finally some wise words by Joseph Campbell…

I have been called a control freak, perfectionist and planner too many times in my life. I decided a few years back (after getting seriously ill – stress related) I’m just going to let go and go with the flow. It’s been a life motto since.

Images 2: starwoodhotels.com, 4. worldoverpixels.com

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