DIY Wardrobe Audit

It’s that time again… DIY Wardrobe Audit. I am a HUGE advocate of doing this every 6 months and well if you keep on top of it [your wardrobe that is] it should be a quick and painless experience. My problem… if you do this for a living, you tend to conveniently forget.

Okay three things before you start:

  1. Colour & Body Shape: I really highly recommend you have your colour and body shape analysis done before you audit your wardrobe. Not only will it help you understand why you only use 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time, but it will also help explain why you bought these items to begin with.
  2. Time share: How do you spend your average week? Break your entire week down by hours. How many hours are at work? At the gym? Lounging at home? Out at dinner? Etc. If you are like most people and spend close to 40 – 50% of your time at work (obviously excluding sleep time) that is what you need to allocate to your wardrobe in space and in budget.
  3. Know your style: Be true to you. What are you drawn to all the time? Get inspiration from magazines, blogs etc. This will help you be ruthless when auditing begins.


  1. Create 5 piles: Keep, Attention, Sell/Giveaway, Bin-it, Unsure.
  2. Pack away clothing that is not in season. Trust me, it will be easier and you’ll be in the right frame of mind prior to the seasons changing.
  3. Put the remainder of your wardrobe content on your bed in groups of: Tops, Bottoms, Undergarments, Accessories etc
  4. Begin with your clothing piles, followed by undergarments and lastly accessories.
  5. Try each item on and based on your reaction or lack thereof; put the items into one of the 5 piles.


  • Love it – I look amazing on
  • It’s a basic – I wear it all the time
  • The shape, fit and proportions should be perfect on you. It should fit your personality, is comfortable and looks fresh (modern)


  • Love it – BUT it’s missing a button, needs to be hemmed, dry cleaned etc
  • Love It – BUT nothing in my wardrobe goes with it
  • It’s a great basic – BUT it could look better with a nip and tuck or colour change.


  • Not-so-perfect clone – 10 pairs of black pants anyone?
  • Colour and print is wrong
  • Doesn’t Fit – Too big or too small
  • Doesn’t Fit right – not for my shape
  • So Passé – My gran would love it!
  • Old Trend – So over neon people
  • Doesn’t suit my personality
  • Doesn’t suit my lifestyle
  • Haven’t worn it in last 2 years.


  • Item is DEAD – Holes, rips, its changed colour, the elastic has gone.

Note: If an item is ‘road kill’ it’s often because you loved it and wore it to death My advice: take a quick snap on your phone to help identify a future replacement OR if it’s your dream item, take it to a tailor to replicate.


  • Like item – BUT can’t remember last time I wore it. Put a peg on the items tag. If in 6 months the peg is still on the item, you haven’t worn it and won’t. If the peg has been removed (because you’ve worn it) it has a place in your wardrobe.


What you’ll need:

  • Hangers (preferably the same) no wire hangers!
  • Clear Boxes
  • Draw Dividers
  • Book ends (to hold up clutches/bags)

Sort Hanging Section: Organise your wardrobe by Type and Colour eg group all trousers together and then sort by colour lightest to darkest.

Sort Shelves: delicate items or items that can stretch, should never be hung. Sort these items on shelves where they can been seen. Organise by type and colour. Put bulkier items or less frequently used item down the bottom.

Sort Draws: Underwear, Gym, lounge clothing and bulky items are best in draws.

Pack & Stack Clear Containers: Scarves, belts, hats, socks and undergarments (boob-tubes, spanx, hosiery) are things I like to packed and stack in clear boxes.

STAGE 3: FILLING IN THE GAPS – future post!

x A

3 thoughts on “DIY Wardrobe Audit

  1. PEPPERMIA.x says:

    Hi, love your post, it’s a lot less painless than my reclaiming-control-in-my-wardrobe project…… nice job.

    • hehe I have no spaghetti or Ishakawa diagrams, but I definitely feel your pain.
      I vowed never to let my wardrobe go too wild since I had it collapsed on me and fractured my wrist. Sad but true.

      • PEPPERMIA.x says:

        OMG, that is extreme. Physical pain trumps mental pain any day. I wish you luck in your wardrobe endeavours and any time you want to unload some wardrobe frustration and anguish pop over to my blog and let me know! 🙂

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