Purple Haze

There is something about harem pants that I love. It could be the way they suggestively allude to the wearers curves (by the way the drapes fall) or the simple fact that these babies are just so comfortable! Either way, my wardrobe does harbour a fewโ€ฆ and this dark purple pair, are currently on high rotation.Wearing: Tout a coup t-shirt, Zara pants, Tony Bianco heels, Collette necklace.

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2 thoughts on “Purple Haze

  1. Claire says:

    LOVE that whole outfit! Would never think of putting those colours together, but they look amazing.

    I hate pants (or trousers as we call them in Brit-land!). I love the practical and easy-wear factor but I hate shopping for them as I can’t ever seem to find a style that suits me.

    • Pretty Pears unfortunately have the hardest time with pants, however all is not lost. There are a few very flattering cuts we can discuss.
      Tips for Pretty Pears include: structured around the waist and bottom, pockets on the bottom, avoid pleats at the front and a wider hemline to balance the hips.

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