When you work with clothes or fashion, most people assume a few things about you; 1. That you spend a fortune on clothing 2. That you follow all trends and 3. That you only dress in that [trend driven] manner. Funnily enough, I don’t, I can’t afford to do so and frankly, I don’t really want to…

However, what I do and encourage my clients to do, is:
1.       Focus on a strong ‘basic’ wardrobe
Basic’s are the foundation of your wardrobe. Every time you purchase an item of colour or pattern, these basic/core items will automatically provide a matching outfit.

2.       Only buy items that suit your lifestyle, your personality and your body
Seriously, forget about what everyone else is doing… yes – get inspiration from others, but don’t copy. They live a totally different life and have a totally different body.

3.       Only buy into trends you truly love and know you can ‘pull off’ confidently
Have fun with clothes but just be sure it’s worth your hard earned cash. Too many of us (myself included) hand over ‘the plastic’ or cash too easily.

So what does a basic wardrobe include? It includes simply cut items of clothing, in neutral colours (dark and light) which allow for mixing & matching.

Below is a picture that includes my basics (as requested by a number of my clients – sorry for taking so long) that work for my day to day lifestyle and wardrobe.

2 Long Sleeve: one dark  and one light (or striped) in colour,  3 T-shirts: one light, one med-dark, one striped, 2 Blazers: one dark, one light,Dark denim jeans, 2 Dressy Tops: one light, one dark, 2 Shirts: one dark, one light, 3 Singlets: one dark, one light, one other neutral, 2 Sweaters: one dark, one light, 1 Black Trousers, 2 Skirts: one dressy skirt, one more casual skirt (I love a good leather skirt), 1 Dress: dark in colour, 2 Pumps: one dark one light, 1 pair of classic closed flats, 1 pair of sandals, 2 bags: 1 clutch and 1 everyday bag, 2 cardigans, one light one dark, 2 Shorts, one denim and one pair of more ‘formal’ shorts.

Three things to note:

  1. These items are based on my body shape. So when looking for basics for your wardrobe, think about the shapes that work best for you… Do A-line skirts work better for you? Do you prefer a man-style pant or boot-cut jeans? etc
  2. These colour are based on my colour group (I’m a cool clear cool – in the old colour system I’m a winter). If you can’t wear black or white, don’t. Change black for another dark neutral – navy (It suits everyone), charcoal, dark brown, dark tan, forest green etc. Alternatives to pure white include; cream, beige, off white, grey and silk white.
  3. Lastly, I didn’t include winter, summer and sporting essentials… most of us know what this includes.

Let me know if you have any questions x A

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One thought on “Basics

  1. Claire says:

    When I get home I’m figuring out my wardrobe ‘gaps’ and then you and I are hitting the shops! 😀

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