Looking Back & Moving Forward

As 2012 draws to its final close I have mixed emotions about the last 12 months. Like most years, there are ups and downs throughout, but what I can fortunately say is this year has brought more positives and opportunity than challenges or misfortune.

Each and every day has been a learning experience, whether it be something small about oneself or a life lesson learnt the hard way.

If 2012 has been about personal growth…2013 is still an open book.

I don’t know what this coming year will bring or where it will take me, but what I’m certain of is lots of hard work (self-inflicted but required for growth and survival) and emotional madness that comes with…as the saying goes “nothing worth having, comes easy’.

AND should I be lucky enough to have wonderful surprises along the way (as I did in 2012; making amazing new friends, lots of wonderful visitors and traveling with my soul mate) I’m one lucky lady.

To all my dear readers, wishing you a wonderful 2013 filled with love & laughter, health & good fortune, opportunity and excitement and most of all, happiness in oneself to ensure your best Manolo steps forward…


Image Via: alsfoodandfitness

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