Gift Ideas for the Tech-Head

The Tech-Head is always difficult to buy for. They are the early adopters of technology, they’re always ‘in the know’ and they only like useful (their definition of useful is a little different to the normal folk) proven technologies…

Below are some gift ideas and useful hints and tips on what to look out for…

Livescribe Pen – Digitises your notes & audio. For worldwide stockists click here, Marc Jacobs iPad Sleeve, Magic Cube – Virtual Keyboard, Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display.  I would suggest upgrading to a Core i.7 and to a 512GB. This computer is difficult (apparently the most difficult Apple) to upgrade at a later stage, so upgrade/invest now. Geneva XS – Portable Speaker System with Bluetooth – available in Red, Black & White, Marc Jacobs iPhone Case , Streaming projector – great value for price, Patriot 32GB Supersonic Boost XT USB 3.0 Flash Drive. When buying a USB flash drive for a tech heads there are two things  to look for: 1. Size – buy a minimum of 16GB. 2. Speed – buy a USB 3.0 Flash drive which offers faster transfer speeds. Also, make sure its backward compatible to USB 2.0. Apple TV,  iTwin Secure box  (Remote File Access USB devise) Great for people traveling or working from home, who need to access files on another computer.

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