The Foodies Gift Guide

For the passionate foodie or entertainer, you can’t go wrong with the gifts below:

For an itemised  list & links, please click through.

Slate Cheese Board Set – Amazon $15 – $75 US depending on Size and Set. – $69 US

Dining/Chill-out Music  – CD1. Wave Music Vol 11 (The wave shop), CD2. Le Chic Club Ed1 (The wave shop), CD3. High Society Champagne & Wine 6 CD Set CD3 (That CD Shop)

Tea – T2 3 Stack Classic $27 Aus (T2Tea) Similar packs available from TWG Singapore &

Dean & Delucca Truffle Salt – $28 – 30 US

Raj Hurricane & Candleholder – Crate & Barrel $4.49 – $18 US,  International shipping available

Cook Book: Fresh & Light by Donna Hay  – $39.95 Aus,  International Shipping available

Bar Tool & Ice Bucket Set – Crate & Barrel $49.95 US,  International shipping available

Umami Paste #5 – Adds incredible flavour to stir fries, sauces, stews, pastas, dips, meat seasonings – any dish that you need that special extra for your dish. Available at jones the grocer – $6.95 Aus or via Amazon

James Halliday’s Wine Companion Book 203 ed – $29.95 Aus

Cheese Slices – DVD’s & Books.Australia’s foremost cheese expert, Will Studd  Explores the world of Artisan Cheese making

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