Digital Timeline

Yesterday I grabbed a photo of my feet using my phone (hey, no judgment – my feet were wearing Valentino’s). After deciding I had just enough greenery in the picture…I pressed some random button which brought up hundreds of mini photos – my life on a digitali timeline.

As much as technology causes me to stress, I realised this little devise [Iphone] is more than just my main contact mechanism, it’s a reminder to stop, breath, be thankful and most importantly to tell those you love, just how much you do. Funny how a few candid snaps can tug on the heartstrings.

Below are just a few of the random snaps taken over the last 8 months:Happy feet – in my Valentino’s, Me wearing Alexander McQueen @ Rif Raf NYC, Sydney – Home, Phuket, Thailand.

Top of the Rock – NYC, My Dog – miss you so much!, Mekong River – Vietnam, River Island Booties, Birthday dinner wearing H&M dress – Hong Kong.

Shopping – what I do best, tools of the trade, print on print.

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