The Race

Today is Melbourne Cup day. For us Aussies this means hats, office sweepstakes and lots of champagne. For my non-Aussie friends, Melbourne Cup is a horse race. Not any horse race, but the biggest horse race and social event of the entire Australian spring racing carnival. The race has been dubbed *cue the big booming voice: ‘The race that stops the nation’ because, well it does… At 3:10pm on the first Tuesday of every November all Aussies are glued to their TV’s for approx. 3.5minutes. But the hype is not just about this one race, it is also about the Fashion of the Fields and the who’s who … This year’s looks: My faves: Ash Hart, Jennifer Hawkins, Kris Smith & Rebecca Judd Trying too hard & failing miserably:Jesinta Campbell, Jess McNamee, Delta Goodrem Images – Set 1: FabSugar, SMH. Set 2: SMH, Herald Sun, Herald Sun, SMH, SMH, FabSugar. Set3: Herald Sun

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