NYC – After Dark

This is the last post in my New York travel series – experiencing New York after dark. The must do’s include:  1. enjoying a drink overlooking the Manhattan skyline 2. stepping back in time with a cocktail in hand @ a speakeasy. Below are my top suggestions:

Bars with a View

PH-D Rooftop Lounge: Probably my favourite lounge/club in New York. This place has a gorgeous golden glow, great music, comfortable lounges, amazing views and a great selection of nibbles and drinks. Above images.

Le Bain @ the Standard Hotel: A ‘grass’ covered rooftop bar with great music and a pool on the dance floor (during summer only). Le Bain is ‘the’ place to be seen, so be sure to book a table, get there early or know the right people. Above images.

Pod -39 Rooftop Bar: This cute and casual bar is perfect for a late afternoon drink while watching the sunset over New York. The music is low enough to hold a conversation without screaming. Above Image.


The Raines Law Room: Down some stairs and behind an unmarked door lies a cosy wood and velvet lounge that transports you back to the prohibition era. Each seated area has a wall buzzer that summons wait-staff to take your order or help you in your drink selection.  48 W 17th St (between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas) New York.

PDT (Please Don’t Tell): You gain entry into this cool cocktail lounge via a phone booth in Crif Dogs (a hot dog shop in the East Village). The yummy cocktails, beer and food ordered from Crif Dogs make for a good night.  113 St. Marks Pl, (between 1st Ave & Avenue A) New York. Image Below.

* The name given to illicit liquor stores or nightclubs during the prohibition era (1920–1933).


Rif Raf: Love this place! A small, tiki themed club with great music and face paint (get your stripes at the bar). 360 Park Avenue South New York.

Kiss & Fly: This place starts as a lounge with soft jazz music and slowly transitions into a nightclub. 409 West 13th Street New York.

WIP (Work In Progress): gets its name from the rotating art installation, however the club size, lounge setup and music was what I liked most. 34 Vandam Street, New York.

More: The Jane Ballroom – Jane Hotel, MO Bar – Mandarin Oriental, Salon De Ning – Peninsular Hotel, Hudson Bar – Hudson Hotel, Gansevoort Hotel rooftop bar, Cielo, The NoMad Library Bar.

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