Mighty Manhattan…

I’m currently on a long haul flight to NYC- the Big Smoke, the Empire State, the City That Never Sleeps, the Big Apple, the City of Lights…. ‘Insert’ whatever you’d like to call this amazing metropolis.

I’m excited about Fashion Week but just as excited to spent time in NYC as a tourist. You see, the last time I visited (this time last year) I was so ill (major organs failing) that I spent the whole trip in my hotel bed or in hospital.

My only dilemma this time round has been the packing. I need enough clothes for fashion week as well as comfy explorer clothing, whilst leaving enough room for ALL the shopping I intend to do. I suppose I can always send myself a few packages – right?

My Top Travel Tips:

  1. Snap pictures of your outfits on your phone – It becomes an easy mix & match outfit guide.
  2. Take a spare phone battery pack. Mine is a MIPOW power tube that recharges my iPhone back to 100%. Seriously the best thing ever!
  3. Buy a Luxe City Guide
  4. Take a Friction Pen – With all the forms you fill out whilst traveling this pen means you won’t need to start again everytime you make an error.

Lastly – to my lovely readers who live or travel to NYC. I would LOVE (& thoroughly appreciate) your best kept NYC secrets or local tips. I have the typical touristy stuff covered, but would love any unique or local knowledge tips – best donuts, best neighbourhood walks, best live music, best local stores… anything and everything. You can either post a comment or send me an email at polishedpresence@gmail.com


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