Bag of Tricks III

Balance is post three in the Bag of Tricks Series: The 5 Principles of design. If you missed out on Part 1 – Focus Point and 2 – Rhythm, be sure to check them out.

3. BALANCE – Is the consideration of visual weight and its importance. Ha? I hear you question. Well simply put, it is how we place clothing & accessories together and emphasis certain areas to build a balanced silhouette.

How it works? Using colour, patterns, texture and clothing silhouettes we can increase or decrease the apparent size of body parts to create a flattering external shape (silhouette).

For the Pear, Inverted Triangle and Column we aim to achieve Symmetrical Balance (Mirror Image of each other or ‘equal weight’ in a design or silhouette) by creating an Hourglass figure.

Pear Body: Create an hourglass figure by balancing your upper body to your lower half.

Inverted Triangle Body: Create an hourglass figure by balancing your lower body to your upper half.

Slender Column Body: Define the waistline and add equal weight to top and bottom half.

Hourglass: Maintain an hourglass figure by defining the waistline.

For overweight Columns and Apple Shapes, we aim to achieve Asymmetrical Balance (when objects on each side of a dividing line are difference but somehow appear balanced) by creating an Inverted Triangle figure.

Overweight Column: Define/ emphasise the shoulders and elongate the torso.

Apple shape: Your aim is to draw attention to the shoulders and elongating the torso.

How to Balance your body?

Add volume: Horizontal lines, heavy/bulky textures, light & bright colours, shiny fabrics, high contrast patterns in medium – large size, Tight/very fitted clothing, embellishments and ruffles.

Detract or appear smaller: Vertical lines, smooth surfaces, matt fabrics, dark colours, low contrast/subtle prints in medium to small size, semi fitted or boxy & soft fitted clothing.

*note size of patterns should take your scale/proportions into consideration and will be covered in a future post.


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