Bag of Tricks II

The other week I introduced what I call ‘the magic tricks’ of fashion/style – The 5 Principles of design.  I use these principles alongside a client’s individual body shape to “Delete the negative; accentuate the positive” (Donna Karen) in order to help create harmony and proportion to their silhouettes.

If you missed last week’s topic – Principles of Design 1. Focus Point click here.

This week we are looking at:

2.  Rhythm – The visual effect of movement created through repetition, patterns, gradient, colours, lines and texture.

How it works?

Our eyes track any degree of change or continuous flows.  Rhythm creates an optical illusion by leading the eye (often subtly) from one part of a design to another, often ending at a focus point.

Why use Rhythm/movement?

  • Emphasise or accentuate positives, detract from figure flaws.
  • Make clients appear taller, shorter, curvier, slimmer.

The key elements of Rhythm are as follows:

i. Transition / Directional Movement; A line, straight or curved, that directs the eye.

ii. Repetition: Where a design element is repeated.

iii. Radiation: Lines that flow around a central point.  There can be more than one.

iv. Gradient:Increase or diminishing in size or colour.

Let me know if you have any Q’s.


Images via Net-a-porter.


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