Monday, Monday – wish you were Sunday…

Do you ever get that feeling you’ve been robbed of a day? I’m still trying to work out where my weekend has gone.  Well, here it is in black and white:

Out to dinner on Friday night, Saturday morning was spent doing paper work & a few loads of washing (someone’s got to do it).  I manage to fit some gym time in before heading out to dinner followed by Birthday drinks at the Screening Room, Bar 83 and then Insomnia.

After getting home at 4am Sunday morning (Eek – too old to still be doing this) I finally managed to get myself out of bed at 10am. 12:30pm arrives and I head off for a wardrobe consult, 4pm late lunch– starving! 6pm I’m back home to finally watch some Olympic swimming with the man of the house. We share some chocolate cherry cake and  before I know it, I’m heading off to bed.

My Saturday night look: BCBG top (US$88), Forever 21 Necklace, Zara Wax Jeans, Wittner Blue Suede shoes (On Sale now -A$99), YSL Clutch.  All these items are still available in store if you’re interested.

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