Flat Chat

Being 180cm tall, I always get asked ‘why do you wear heels?”  I use to get a little offended – ‘why not?’ I would respond rather than going into the myriad of reasons.

Heels have always been one of my ‘feminine’ touches. I would wear them everywhere! Shopping, running errands – yes, you name it I did it (well, within reason).

I didn’t like myself in flats and was always worried about looking too frumpy or cutting my legs short. That all changed when I began my studies as an Image Consultant. I learnt the tricks of illusion and could wear flats without a worry.

“How to wear flats?” is still one of the most commonly asked questions I get  in Singapore as most of us don’t have a vehicle (cars start at just over $120k here) and we need comfortable walking shoes to get around. So here are my tips…

How to wear flats:

  1. NUDE! – Nude/skin toned flats elongate the leg
  2. Pointed toe
  3. Small wedge or Kitten heel (1-2cm)
  4. Low Vamp* i.e. Ballet flats and Moccasins
  5. Avoid ankle straps – Gladiators are a no-no
  6. For those who still experience a winter – wear black opaque tights/stockings or stirrup leggings with black flats
  7. Embellishments or a change of colour on the toe tip
  8. Drag the eye up by wearing a:
  • Bright or big necklace
  • High waisted belt
  • High waisted skirt or dress (hides where your legs start)

The above is only applicable to short-legged or balanced body vertical body proportions. Don’t know what vertical proportion you are? Click here and scroll to the bottom.

*Vamp refers to the top of the shoe. Boots are high vamp, ballet flats are low vamp.

My flats: Top Centre (moving clockwise): Country Road Moccasins, Rubi Flip-flops, Rubi Peep-toe Sandals,  Charles and Keith, Witchery, Sam Edelman, Sam Edelman , Nine West Ballet Flats, Massimo Dutti Points, Rubi Points, Country Road Sandals.

2 thoughts on “Flat Chat

  1. Claire says:

    I am stealing all of these when I next come over… 😉

    I seriously need to go shoe shopping.

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