The Title Belt goes to…

The stunning ASOS Elastic Horse waist belt! However all these belts are amazing and I’d probably buy all of them if my own collection wasn’t already out of control.

1.All Dressed Up  2. J.Crew 3. Style&Co (Macy’s Exclusive) 4. Oroton 5. ASOS

So why am I such a fan of this relatively cheap and (I believe) highly underappreciated accessory? Well, they’re a great way to:

  • Update your look
  • Introduce colour into your wardrobe
  • Divert the eye away from flaws or figure challenges
  • Accentuate your assets – especially if you’re an hourglass
  • Or help create the illusion of being  taller, slimmer, shorter or fuller figured

Tips: Appear Thinner & taller

  • Belts that are placed at the waist or higher (for those will a thick waist) elongate the figure.
  • Choose belts in darker colours
  • Wear thin to medium sized belts

This works best on women with a balanced body or short legged.

Tips: Create a longer Torso (shorten your legs)

  • Wear belts low or at the hips
  • Wear medium to thick belts

This works best on women that are long legged.

Don’t know what vertical proportion you are? This is a quick (and almost fail proof) way to check:

  1. Measure your high standing
  2. Measure your height sitting on the ground (this is your upper body height)
  3. Standing height – your upper body height = your lower body height.
  • If the height of your upper body and lower body are identical or very close (1-2 cm difference). You have a balanced body.
  • If your lower half is taller by 5cm or more, you are considered long legged
  • If you’re upper body height is longer than your lower body height by 2cm or more you are short legged.

For those of you who are curious about how I store my belts. The belts I use on a day to day basis are hung behind my door in an accessories hanger. For wider belts or belts I don’t use as often, I pack in clear stackable boxes.

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